90s Baby Show

Next episode Monday 23 April 2018

Hosted by Fred Santana & Temi Alchémy, the 90s Baby Show tackles topics that’d suit… well… 90s babies. Two of South London’s finest, Fred Santana earns his bread working with luxury fashion brands at a digital advertising ag ency, and hosting live events. Temi’s more of an entrepreneur, “he may mess around and become a rapper one day. But for now, he’s going to continue selling socks."

Expect real discussion when you tune in, with topics ranging from the world at large to their own personal lives. Both of the 90s Babies view themselves as journalists, so expect a streets-eye-view on whatever the biggest talking point is on that day. They’ve also established a partnership with Alizé, so expect them to be waved for most of their shows. "We have our own way of dealing with things and are not afraid to disagree with social norms. Ain't nobody got time to agree all the time, we like controversy. ;)"

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Voice Of The Streets w/ Kenny Allstar